Tuesday, May 20, 2014

he DID IT!!!!

We’ve been casually talking to Wyatt that when he turns 4 he won’t need his paci anymore.  He has always, adamantly, insisted that he DOES need it when he’s 4.

Since Will’s birthday in April, Wyatt has asked daily how much longer till his.  And then proceeds to give us his birthday  list.  Always on this list is Heatwave from Rescue Bots. 

So we were talking about the paci and his birthday list and I offered up Heatwave if he wanted to give up his paci right then.  He considered it.  I reminded him he still had his frog and his hair to make him feel better.  He wavered a bit more.  I made sure to tell him that once he earned Heatwave his paci would not be coming back.  He wavered a bit more and then finally said “Okay”.  And just like that it was done.  I told him the paci was gone, he assumed the garbage, but really I tucked it away, just in case.  And he went to bed.  He whined for a moment “paci, paci” and then very softly changed his whine to “Heatwave, Heatwave”. 

He had a few more of those moments the next day but would quickly move on.  Thankfully, his nighttime sleep was not interrupted by this transition!

Seven days later his hard work was rewarded with his precious Heatwave. He was SO excited, and so proud.  But probably my favorite moment from this was when Will randomly went up to Wyatt during the week and said “I’m proud of you for giving up your paci.”  Compliments do not come freely from Will, especially to siblings, so I know he was impressed with Wyatt’s hard work. 

Now Wyatt can turn 4 without the paci pressure! But I kinda miss that paci-face.



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