Saturday, May 31, 2014

hand me the scissors!

For months Ella has begged for a hair cut.  Specifically “China hair”.  I put her off.  But finally started caving when she started hating her hair to be pulled back.  And then started getting food in her hair, daily.  You can only comb out cheese so many times.IMG_1104

Armed with a few good youtube tutorials and some scissors I decided to do it.  She was a tad bit disappointed that we weren’t going to the haircut store, but agreed as long as the boys weren’t around.  Off to Mimi’s they went, and I got to work!


A few minutes later, I had a pile of hair.  I took off 4 inches (which turns out was a tad more than I meant).  


30 minutes later we had this.  It wasn’t too terribly hard.  And it turned out better than I imagined so it was a win.  I think her new do is sassy and adorable.  And Ella LOVES her new hair.  And I love not combing cheese out of it anymore!


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