Saturday, May 31, 2014

hand me the scissors!

For months Ella has begged for a hair cut.  Specifically “China hair”.  I put her off.  But finally started caving when she started hating her hair to be pulled back.  And then started getting food in her hair, daily.  You can only comb out cheese so many times.IMG_1104

Armed with a few good youtube tutorials and some scissors I decided to do it.  She was a tad bit disappointed that we weren’t going to the haircut store, but agreed as long as the boys weren’t around.  Off to Mimi’s they went, and I got to work!


A few minutes later, I had a pile of hair.  I took off 4 inches (which turns out was a tad more than I meant).  


30 minutes later we had this.  It wasn’t too terribly hard.  And it turned out better than I imagined so it was a win.  I think her new do is sassy and adorable.  And Ella LOVES her new hair.  And I love not combing cheese out of it anymore!


Friday, May 30, 2014


this is exactly how Will refers to his bird field guide….every.single.time.

Will’s love of animal field guides is ever present. While at the lake, we often see Blue Heron and Osprey.  Saturday I asked Will if he was having fun and he said “Yes, but I haven’t seen a blue heron yet.”.  Later on a boat ride, we crossed blue heron off his bucket list.  Interestingly enough, he seemed mostly unimpressed. But that changed soon enough.  Poppy led us to a Osprey nest.  And Will was beside himself.  Quickly rattling off facts while staring in awe. We were able to see the Mama bird flying with a fish in her talons for the (huge) babies in her nest.  But the best part was when Will “talked” to the osprey: Osprey, you are in my Raptor book! I’ve read all about you!  He said a few other things too him but I’ve already forgotten.  And then he waved goodbye to him. 

I’m pretty sure THIS is one of those things I will miss in a few years when he’s too cool for raptors and animal field guides.

click picture to make it bigger.

2014-05-24 raportWM

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

fishin’ time

It’s here….SUMMER has arrived.

And sticking to tradition, we spent the weekend at the lake.  Fishing was high up on the kids wish list.  And we squeezed in alot of fishing!  One of us didn’t have bait on our rod ahem.

Will caught his FIRST fish, all on his own.  No prompting, no coaching.  Just plain luck.  I happened to be snapping away when he realized and caught his surprised face.

And we also caught the smallest fish ever.  TWICE.  Daddy and Ella both managed to reel that monster in. 

2014-05-28 mem wkdWM

Monday, May 26, 2014

Wyatt says….

Wy: Look a grasshopper!
me: Do you mean a bunny rabbit?
Wy: YES.  It’s hopping in the grass!
ah ha…..

Knockingbird…refers to either a mocking bird, or a woodpecker.  Because woodpeckers “knock on wood”.  Duh Mom.

“I’m all soap-ing wet”  you know, instead of “soaking”.

Friday, May 23, 2014

where did my kindergartener go?

And just as quickly as it started, it ended….Mister Wilson has finished Kindergarten!
2014-05-22 last day (1) 

He has learned to read, count, spell, use the computer and library.  Ride the bus.  Buy his lunch. Follow direction, follow rules, make friends. All the big kid stuff!
2014-05-22 last day (5)

Will brought home an enormous binder filled with his daily work.  Mostly writing assignments, there were a few really good/funny ones worth reading (if you can interpret his handwriting).

Will told me his favorite part of school was counting (surprised he didn’t say computer lab!).  And that he really liked his teacher. He couldn’t believe he would be getting a new teacher next year. 

He told me this summer he was most looking forward to “wearing his PJs all day!” and going to his school library and checking out “non-fiction books! And any level books I want!”.  Clearly, he’s exited about breaking all the library rules this summer.

I cannot believe this year went by so fast!  First grade will be here soon enough.


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Forever and a day!

The magical month of May is finally here!  Earlier this month (May 5 I think) we crossed the last major milestone.  Ella has now lived with us longer than she did in the orphanage!!!  What a simple, and glorious milestone.

Probably nothing she can recognize as a milestone, but to us it is.  She now knows something longer than her previous definition of “forever”.
I pray that she can now start to comprehend what "forever" means.


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

he DID IT!!!!

We’ve been casually talking to Wyatt that when he turns 4 he won’t need his paci anymore.  He has always, adamantly, insisted that he DOES need it when he’s 4.

Since Will’s birthday in April, Wyatt has asked daily how much longer till his.  And then proceeds to give us his birthday  list.  Always on this list is Heatwave from Rescue Bots. 

So we were talking about the paci and his birthday list and I offered up Heatwave if he wanted to give up his paci right then.  He considered it.  I reminded him he still had his frog and his hair to make him feel better.  He wavered a bit more.  I made sure to tell him that once he earned Heatwave his paci would not be coming back.  He wavered a bit more and then finally said “Okay”.  And just like that it was done.  I told him the paci was gone, he assumed the garbage, but really I tucked it away, just in case.  And he went to bed.  He whined for a moment “paci, paci” and then very softly changed his whine to “Heatwave, Heatwave”. 

He had a few more of those moments the next day but would quickly move on.  Thankfully, his nighttime sleep was not interrupted by this transition!

Seven days later his hard work was rewarded with his precious Heatwave. He was SO excited, and so proud.  But probably my favorite moment from this was when Will randomly went up to Wyatt during the week and said “I’m proud of you for giving up your paci.”  Compliments do not come freely from Will, especially to siblings, so I know he was impressed with Wyatt’s hard work. 

Now Wyatt can turn 4 without the paci pressure! But I kinda miss that paci-face.



Sunday, May 18, 2014

Thursday, May 15, 2014

last day of preschool

The end of the year is quickly approaching.  So many things going on….field trips, parties, picnics.  I’m having a hard time keeping up.  We totally ditched math homework this week.  I forgot to send a lunch with one kid (they were able to “borrow” and not go hungry).

I will admit I am looking forward to some lazy mornings, and no packing lunches for awhile!

Thursday is Ella’s last day (most of her class is graduating).  And Wyatt’s last day is Tuesday. 

Wyatt never did learn to love preschool.  Drop off was exhausting every day.  He loved his teacher and friends, but not the fact that he was being left.  Maybe next year will be better.

Ella LOVED school.  And cannot wait to go back in August!  She wants lots of homework, it’s her favorite part. So glad this short introduction to preschool was such a success. 

first day-last day
Wyatt looks a bit older just 9 months later.  Where did my baby go?!


Wednesday, May 14, 2014

birthday week (kinda)

The downside to summer birthdays is not celebrating at school.  Both Wyatt and Ella’s classes had parties for the summer birthday kiddos.  Wyatt’s was last week, he wasn’t very cooperative for pictures.  But he had a great time celebrating with his friends.  And has daily since asked when is his birthday.  I’m not sure we’ll make it to July.

This week Ella’s class celebrated.  She was SO excited for a party with her friends.  She proudly wore her crown and birthday ribbon the rest of the day.  Ella had a great time celebrating.  But she will quickly tell you her real birthday is in August. 

Hard to believe next week is the last week of school!

2014-05-14 bday schoolWM

Sunday, May 11, 2014


Wyatt was being a bit uncooperative….

The quizzes/interviews with the kids are my most favorite gifts!  They always crack me up!


Will’s was pretty good too.  My faveorite are the what does Mommy do when alone….crafts of course.  But the deserted island question was pretty good.  He clarified that the goggles were night vision goggles to help me know when an animal was going to eat me. 
2014-05 May

Friday, May 09, 2014

Wyatt’s play time

I love how Wyatt’s imagination works lately.  A few hours visiting Thomas led to two days of playing trains. 

And a few visits to see Poppy at work led to a reenactment of “Poppy and his friends”.


But let me back up, Poppy is working around the corner from us.  Which means we can see him any time we want!  It also means that every time we leave the house we are required to drive by and “just see if he’s there”.  At first it was fun, but a few weeks later, I now have to factor in an extra few minutes to our drive time.  I just hope Poppy factored in a few “interruptions” to his time line on this house, haha.




Wednesday, May 07, 2014

mother’s day picnic

2014-05-07 mday field trip (4)

Wednesday Will’s class took a field trip to the library and then to the park for a picnic lunch for Mother’s Day.

Will had a few surprises for me for Mother’s Day!

He painted a spoon rest for me.  Green, his favorite color, of course!

Heart hands.  And a sweet interview.
2014-05-07 mday field trip (2)

#2 and #6 and #8 crack me up! 
2014-05-07 mday field trip (3)

He was so excited to show me his gifts.  And then he rushed off to play with his friends.  It was a fun field trip.  I can’t believe Kindergarten is almost over!

Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Sunday, May 04, 2014

a day with a little blue steamie

Thomas was back in town.  Wyatt has not been obsessed with Thomas, or trains, lately so I wasn’t sure if he would enjoy seeing it again this year.  But we ventured down to the “Island of Sodor” again and I’m so glad we decided to go.  Wyatt and Ella had a GREAT time seeing Thomas again!  Will was not a fan last year, but seemed to have fun seeing Thomas (even though he’s for “babies”). 
We took a close-up look at Thomas.  Watched Cranky the Crane in action. Played with tons of toy trains.  Had a visit with Sir Topham Hatt.  Got some tattoos, played with bubbles and, of course, visited a petting zoo. We had a wonderful morning with Thomas & Friends, on what might be our last visit with The Really Useful Engine.

2014-05-03 ThomasWM

Thursday, May 01, 2014

Art Show and Spring Spectacular

It’s that time of year!  Singing and Art!

Ella was SO excited that it was time for HER art show.  AT HER school! 


Wyatt went on stage first. He wasn’t as lively this time around.  But he still made a small scene. 


Wyatt doesn’t do much singing, but he does join in on the hand motions.

DSC07460crop SONY DSC

Ella went on stage second, but she was the first one on her row, on the opposite side of where we were sitting.  SO this is the only picture I have of her.  She seemed really nervous this time.  I think the size, and sound, of the crowd at the school show is more intimidating than the church crowd.  That and there are a 100 cameras all pointing at the stage.

Singing was followed by their art exhibits.  Wyatt’s class did Pete the Cat. Their class (and teacher) worked so hard on this!DSC07474

And Ella’s class did The Rainbow Fish.  Ella was so excited for us to see all of her art.  She can’t wait to bring it all home next week!

Just a few more days and the littles will be out for the summer!