Thursday, April 17, 2014

work day

Wyatt just went through a Bob the Builder phase.  So a visit to Poppy at work was in order.  Wyatt and Ella LOVED it. They found plenty of scraps and sawdust to play with. 

I tried to explain that I played with these types of “blocks” when I was a little girl.  The sentiment was lost on them. 

2014-04-02 (6)

The best part, they got to bring home some scraps to play with.  I’m not sure I’ve ever seen Wyatt so excited about something before. They quickly decided their new blocks needed some color and got to painting.

2014-04-02 (9)

Wyatt decided his piece wasn’t quite done, and worked on it some more the next day.  Now he has a nice little addition to his train set/emergency center/parking garage.

2014-04-02 (13)

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