Tuesday, April 08, 2014

who’s going to HERO up?

We celebrated our first baby this weekend.  We had a super SIX party this weekend.  Will cannot narrow down which super hero he prefers, so we celebrated ALL of them.  2014-04 April1

In keeping with last year’s idea…we all dressed up again. 


We all had such a fun time at Will’s party.  He said it was the most awesome party ever.  Thanks to all the ideas on pinterest, this party was easy to put together.

My favorite thing, our super hero pictures!


2014-04-05 (149)

Turns out flying is not Wyatt’s super power.

2014-04-05 (148)edit

Our friends flew around with capes.  Fighting crime, and eating cupcakes and popcorn.

2014-04-05 (63)crop 2014-04-05 (95)


Will smiled the rest of the day.  It was a perfect celebration.  Thanks to our families and friends for joining us!

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