Wednesday, April 16, 2014

still celebrating…

I think this is my last “Wilson birthday” post…..

The DAY of Mister’s birthday we started out with pancakes, covered in sprinkles.  And a small gift to start the day.

2014-04-07 Ws bday (7)

To add to the fun, Wilson had a field trip scheduled for the day.  Despite the rain, their class headed to a local garden to learn about veggies and plants. 
2014-04-07 W field trip (10)2014-04-07 W field trip (23)

And as a bonus…Daddy took off to spend the morning with him.  The class picnic at the farm was cancelled due to rain (and cold).  So Chris and Will made a visit to McD, followed by a movie.

2014-04-07 W field trip (12) 

The movie was followed by more celebrating….pizza and cake.

2014-04-07 Ws bday (9)

And more presents!

2014-04-07 Ws bday (21)

I’m not sure we’ve ever celebrated non-stop like we have this year.  But I know a certain six-year-old LOVED his special day(s)! 

2014-04-07 Ws bday (29)

And later in the week we had our final celebration….cupcakes with his class.  This year Will chose Oatmeal Creme Pies as his “cupcake”.  


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