Monday, April 21, 2014

Spring Break?

Sadly Spring Break wasn’t very springy this year.  Wet and Cold!
I went in with a loose plan of play dates and fun things.  Very much terrified of how it was all going to go down.  Three kids totally off their schedules for a week sounds like a blast!  But we did pretty good.  Well, that’s probably a lie.  We had a few rough and ugly patches, but overall we survived.  And Will might even go back to school and be able to report that he had fun.  Maybe.

Day 1, rainy and cold: cleaned the house and grocery shopped.  Followed by a fun play date and lots of TV. 

Day 2, rain/sleet and cold:  Today is Pirate Fairy Day!  A new Tinerbelle movie was out and I had intended it for their Easter baskets but being stuck in doors seemed like a good time to surprise them.  Lucky for them I started off the day exciting….cake for breakfast.  I figured cake and pancakes are basically the same thing so why not….plus I had a cake pan I’ve been dying to use (it’s been waiting 6+ years to be broken in….).  So cake for breakfast.  And before lunch we broke out the movie, complete with lights off, popcorn and blankets on the floor.  (Amazing, how still everyone sits when we change things up.)  Then we had lunch, followed by some pirate fights, and some pirate jello for dessert.  Saving all our party decorations form last year came in handy!  Will’s quote from the day, “I bet you didn’t notice we’ve done alot of pirate stuff today”. 

The kids all LOVED the movie.  All three reported they loved it better than Frozen. <cue screaming little girls around the world hysterical at this news> Turns out we do not have main-stream kids. 

Day 3, sunny and chilly:  A trip to the zoo with our favorite 13 year old and our cousins.  At the jaguar exhibit one of the cats made friends with Will and would not leave his side.  Fascinating.  And Will acted like it was totally common, but he’s an animal lover and all.  After lunch we headed to the local nursery for a kids gardening tour/lesson.  We were worn out after such a busy day!

Day 4, sunny:  No plans other than a quick, like 10 minute, egg hunt with friends.  But the kids thought it was a grand plan so they were happy.

Day 5, cold, again:  Friday we just survived.  Chris was off a half day so we just managed chaos until bedtime.  I am beat after this week.  And I am NERVOUS about summer!2014-04-18 spring breakWM

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