Thursday, April 24, 2014

all things Wyatt {not yet 4}


Wyatt is obsessed with all things rescue/emergency related.  Fire trucks, Police Men, Ambulances, Rescue Vehicles.  It is the topic of all conversations.

Transformers have replaced trains as his favorite toy.  I’m not sure the last time he played with his trains.  (Where did my baby go?!)  Rescue Bots/Transformers are all he watches on TV.  All he plays with.  All he talks about!  And all he wants for his birthday. 

His favorite colors are brown, white, yellow, black.  Occasionally blue.

He talks CONSTANTLY!  I remember at 18 months old he barely said 10 words.  Having two older siblings who talk constantly encourages him to keep up the chatter.

We were riding in the car and Wyatt was concerned we were speeding, and would get a ticket….this led to discussion about police men and bad guys.  “Police put bad guys in jail so they can get soft and cozy.  And warm.”  Doesn’t sound like a bad place to be :)

Wyatt told his teacher that Chris worked with cats all day.  And that he brought home a new cat with claws.  And he doesn’t like him at all.  We know he’s not a fan of Timber.  But didn’t realize Wyatt thought Chris worked at the pet store!


Still a PICKY eater.  Oh my word.  The only upside is that he voluntarily tries most things.  He wants to like them, but you can see him gagging if he’s not a fan.  I’ll take that over the child who stubbornly refuses to try anything. 

We took him off of dairy to see if that fixed a few of his issues.  It didn’t, but when we tried to re-introduce milk he no longer liked it!  He will eat it with his cereal though.

Wyatt is still our “class clown”.  When he’s not making us pull our hair out, he’s making us laugh. 

This is how he said you are suppose to pose for a picture….with your head completely turned.SONY DSC


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