Wednesday, April 30, 2014

6 year old Wilson stats

Mister Wilson had his 6 year check-up this week.  Thankfully, it did not include shots!  But did have a finger stick.  He was NOT a fan, but no tears were shed.  Mister is perfectly healthy and weighed in at 40lbs and almost 45 inches tall.   2014-04-29

The morning of our appointment the schools had a 2 hour weather (tornado) delay, so we turned our doctors appointment into a hooky day.  We went to to the library.  He was SO excited to finally go. (I usually pick books for him)  And since it was just the two of us we took lots of time to look at ALL the books.  Mister requested dinosaur and animal books.  We had a list and brought home a bag full of books!

2014-04-29 (2)

The library was followed by lunch.  And then followed by a visit down the candy aisle at the grocery store.  Will had a great time skipping school for the day

What a great surprise for a Tuesday!

2014-04-29 (3)

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