Wednesday, April 30, 2014

6 year old Wilson stats

Mister Wilson had his 6 year check-up this week.  Thankfully, it did not include shots!  But did have a finger stick.  He was NOT a fan, but no tears were shed.  Mister is perfectly healthy and weighed in at 40lbs and almost 45 inches tall.   2014-04-29

The morning of our appointment the schools had a 2 hour weather (tornado) delay, so we turned our doctors appointment into a hooky day.  We went to to the library.  He was SO excited to finally go. (I usually pick books for him)  And since it was just the two of us we took lots of time to look at ALL the books.  Mister requested dinosaur and animal books.  We had a list and brought home a bag full of books!

2014-04-29 (2)

The library was followed by lunch.  And then followed by a visit down the candy aisle at the grocery store.  Will had a great time skipping school for the day

What a great surprise for a Tuesday!

2014-04-29 (3)

Thursday, April 24, 2014

all things Wyatt {not yet 4}


Wyatt is obsessed with all things rescue/emergency related.  Fire trucks, Police Men, Ambulances, Rescue Vehicles.  It is the topic of all conversations.

Transformers have replaced trains as his favorite toy.  I’m not sure the last time he played with his trains.  (Where did my baby go?!)  Rescue Bots/Transformers are all he watches on TV.  All he plays with.  All he talks about!  And all he wants for his birthday. 

His favorite colors are brown, white, yellow, black.  Occasionally blue.

He talks CONSTANTLY!  I remember at 18 months old he barely said 10 words.  Having two older siblings who talk constantly encourages him to keep up the chatter.

We were riding in the car and Wyatt was concerned we were speeding, and would get a ticket….this led to discussion about police men and bad guys.  “Police put bad guys in jail so they can get soft and cozy.  And warm.”  Doesn’t sound like a bad place to be :)

Wyatt told his teacher that Chris worked with cats all day.  And that he brought home a new cat with claws.  And he doesn’t like him at all.  We know he’s not a fan of Timber.  But didn’t realize Wyatt thought Chris worked at the pet store!


Still a PICKY eater.  Oh my word.  The only upside is that he voluntarily tries most things.  He wants to like them, but you can see him gagging if he’s not a fan.  I’ll take that over the child who stubbornly refuses to try anything. 

We took him off of dairy to see if that fixed a few of his issues.  It didn’t, but when we tried to re-introduce milk he no longer liked it!  He will eat it with his cereal though.

Wyatt is still our “class clown”.  When he’s not making us pull our hair out, he’s making us laugh. 

This is how he said you are suppose to pose for a picture….with your head completely turned.SONY DSC


Wednesday, April 23, 2014

wordless wednesday


wordless wednesday {school days}

Farmer/Cowboy Day

IMG_9277 IMG_9275

Easter egg hunt and class party.2014-04-10 (10)

Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy Easter! And colored eggs

Sunday was a busy day celebrating Resurrection Day at church, and lunch with family, followed by dinner with more family.

We tried something new this year at Mimi and Poppy’s, thanks to Pinterest…color-coded egg hunt!  It was perfect.  Mister Wilson hunted green eggs, Wyatt blue, and Ella pink (of course).  Everyone got a fair chance at eggs (green eggs might have been hidden a bit harder…) And these three had a great time hunting eggs Sunday afternoon!


wyatt had a rough start to the day….stubbornly refusing to be in the picture for a bit.

The rest of the day was spent with the T family, and another egg hunt with cousins. Fun, fun day for all!


Spring Break?

Sadly Spring Break wasn’t very springy this year.  Wet and Cold!
I went in with a loose plan of play dates and fun things.  Very much terrified of how it was all going to go down.  Three kids totally off their schedules for a week sounds like a blast!  But we did pretty good.  Well, that’s probably a lie.  We had a few rough and ugly patches, but overall we survived.  And Will might even go back to school and be able to report that he had fun.  Maybe.

Day 1, rainy and cold: cleaned the house and grocery shopped.  Followed by a fun play date and lots of TV. 

Day 2, rain/sleet and cold:  Today is Pirate Fairy Day!  A new Tinerbelle movie was out and I had intended it for their Easter baskets but being stuck in doors seemed like a good time to surprise them.  Lucky for them I started off the day exciting….cake for breakfast.  I figured cake and pancakes are basically the same thing so why not….plus I had a cake pan I’ve been dying to use (it’s been waiting 6+ years to be broken in….).  So cake for breakfast.  And before lunch we broke out the movie, complete with lights off, popcorn and blankets on the floor.  (Amazing, how still everyone sits when we change things up.)  Then we had lunch, followed by some pirate fights, and some pirate jello for dessert.  Saving all our party decorations form last year came in handy!  Will’s quote from the day, “I bet you didn’t notice we’ve done alot of pirate stuff today”. 

The kids all LOVED the movie.  All three reported they loved it better than Frozen. <cue screaming little girls around the world hysterical at this news> Turns out we do not have main-stream kids. 

Day 3, sunny and chilly:  A trip to the zoo with our favorite 13 year old and our cousins.  At the jaguar exhibit one of the cats made friends with Will and would not leave his side.  Fascinating.  And Will acted like it was totally common, but he’s an animal lover and all.  After lunch we headed to the local nursery for a kids gardening tour/lesson.  We were worn out after such a busy day!

Day 4, sunny:  No plans other than a quick, like 10 minute, egg hunt with friends.  But the kids thought it was a grand plan so they were happy.

Day 5, cold, again:  Friday we just survived.  Chris was off a half day so we just managed chaos until bedtime.  I am beat after this week.  And I am NERVOUS about summer!2014-04-18 spring breakWM

Saturday, April 19, 2014

any given night...

Say what? {Wilson}

I was asking Will to come help me with something and his response was “Wait, I have to send Meryl a text first.”  I had to run and see what he really meant.  Turns out he really was writing her a ‘text’. 

Sadly, I have already forgotten what it said.  But I’m sure it was very important!


Thursday, April 17, 2014

work day

Wyatt just went through a Bob the Builder phase.  So a visit to Poppy at work was in order.  Wyatt and Ella LOVED it. They found plenty of scraps and sawdust to play with. 

I tried to explain that I played with these types of “blocks” when I was a little girl.  The sentiment was lost on them. 

2014-04-02 (6)

The best part, they got to bring home some scraps to play with.  I’m not sure I’ve ever seen Wyatt so excited about something before. They quickly decided their new blocks needed some color and got to painting.

2014-04-02 (9)

Wyatt decided his piece wasn’t quite done, and worked on it some more the next day.  Now he has a nice little addition to his train set/emergency center/parking garage.

2014-04-02 (13)

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

still celebrating…

I think this is my last “Wilson birthday” post…..

The DAY of Mister’s birthday we started out with pancakes, covered in sprinkles.  And a small gift to start the day.

2014-04-07 Ws bday (7)

To add to the fun, Wilson had a field trip scheduled for the day.  Despite the rain, their class headed to a local garden to learn about veggies and plants. 
2014-04-07 W field trip (10)2014-04-07 W field trip (23)

And as a bonus…Daddy took off to spend the morning with him.  The class picnic at the farm was cancelled due to rain (and cold).  So Chris and Will made a visit to McD, followed by a movie.

2014-04-07 W field trip (12) 

The movie was followed by more celebrating….pizza and cake.

2014-04-07 Ws bday (9)

And more presents!

2014-04-07 Ws bday (21)

I’m not sure we’ve ever celebrated non-stop like we have this year.  But I know a certain six-year-old LOVED his special day(s)! 

2014-04-07 Ws bday (29)

And later in the week we had our final celebration….cupcakes with his class.  This year Will chose Oatmeal Creme Pies as his “cupcake”.  


Monday, April 14, 2014

an interview with Wilson, age 6

I interviewed Will on his fourth birthday….somehow forgot to do it last year. 

What is your favorite color? Green
What is your favorite toy? Superheroes
What is your favorite fruit? Grapes
What is your favorite tv show? Super Hero Squad
What is your favorite thing to eat for lunch? French fries
What is your favorite snack? Cheeze Its
What is your favorite animal? Cheetah, cause they are fast like me
What is your favorite book? Berenstain Bears
What is your favorite thing to do outside? having battles!
What is your favorite drink? Juice
What do you like to take to bed with you at night? Books
What is your favorite thing to eat for breakfast? pancakes
What do you want to be when you grow up? a Wild Life Vet
What are you really good at? Soccer.  Karate, kind of
What makes you happy? Kitty
What do you and Daddy do together for fun? Battle…aka sword fights or super hero fights
What do you and Mommy do together for fun? No answer. Once again, I’m not the fun one.

2014-04-12 (43)

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

sunday surprise

Poppy loves a good surprise. 

We were not finished with the birthday celebration just yet.  Poppy zoomed out with a scooter for Mister Wilson on Sunday.  He was SURPRISED!

2014-04-06 (1)crop 2014-04-06 (2)

After a quick lesson from Poppy on how it worked.  Mister Wilson was ready to take it for a spin, or crash.

2014-04-06 (5) 2014-04-06 (26)2014-04-06 (4)crop

 2014-04-06 (7)crop 2014-04-06 (11)

2014-04-06 (12) 2014-04-06 (16)
There were a few crashes.  And he almost gave up but we ended on a high note and I think he’s ready to scoot around everywhere now!
2014-04-06 (14)

One more celebration to go.

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

who’s going to HERO up?

We celebrated our first baby this weekend.  We had a super SIX party this weekend.  Will cannot narrow down which super hero he prefers, so we celebrated ALL of them.  2014-04 April1

In keeping with last year’s idea…we all dressed up again. 


We all had such a fun time at Will’s party.  He said it was the most awesome party ever.  Thanks to all the ideas on pinterest, this party was easy to put together.

My favorite thing, our super hero pictures!


2014-04-05 (149)

Turns out flying is not Wyatt’s super power.

2014-04-05 (148)edit

Our friends flew around with capes.  Fighting crime, and eating cupcakes and popcorn.

2014-04-05 (63)crop 2014-04-05 (95)


Will smiled the rest of the day.  It was a perfect celebration.  Thanks to our families and friends for joining us!

Monday, April 07, 2014

he did it….SIX

Mister Wilson went and turned six on us.  I’m mourning that my first, is now, definitely without a doubt, no longer a baby.  Five was still on the fence, but six is a big kid age.

He’s celebrating the day on a school field trip, with Daddy tagging along.  And pizza and cake for dinner! 

Happy Birthday our biggest boy!


Wednesday, April 02, 2014

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