Wednesday, March 12, 2014

weekend adventures

We did a little of everything this past weekend. 

Chris took the boys to the hardware store for a “build” kids clinic.  It didn’t take very long, but they seemed to enjoy making their own birdhouses. (I totally left this picture off my page….)

2014-03-08a (1)

Wilson came home and immediately searched for the perfect spot for the houses.  He shoved them both into a shrub.  After checking them every few hours for new “guests” he began to grow discouraged.  Sunday he moved them to a tree, and filled the homes with grass so they’d have a head start on a nest.  Still no guests yet.

Meanwhile, Renee asked Ella if she wanted to go get their nails done Saturday morning.  Ella was ESTATIC! Perma-grin while she waited for her chariot to arrive.  2014-03-08 (2)

This was a pretty big deal since, other than school,  Ella has really only gone places with us or Mimi.  We have talked for months and months about who her “safe people” are.  And I’m not talking stranger-danger here.  But safe people who love us, and who we can trust with our feelings, who will help us if we are scared.  Since we see Renee so often between church, preschool and playdates she was a good first person to test this out with. 

I could see Ella’s nerves show a bit when she climbed in her car.  But then she muttered something about “mommies and daddies always come back” and puffed herself up and settled in.
Shortly after they left, the pictures started rolling in of Ella having a blast.  So much so that she talked non-stop the rest of the day about her adventure.  All I heard for hours was “and then…and then….and then…” receiving multiple play-by-plays of the morning.

My favorite Ella quotes from the day were “I can’t play in the dirt today.  I don’t want to ruin my polish.”  And “Maybe I could be Renee’s little sister since she doesn’t have a girl.”  Ella definitely had a memorable morning.


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