Monday, March 31, 2014

to plant a garden….

The kids have been offering to help Poppy in his garden for weeks. Sunday was finally the day.  They changed out of their church clothes, into work clothes and tromped off to the garden ready to work.

Wyatt’s job was to pick out the rocks.  He lasted 5 minutes before declaring he was ready for home. *look closely, he’s sitting on a bucket waiting.

Will was throwing the rocks into the woods.  And occasionally helping dig.  He only lasted a few minutes longer than Wyatt before he was also begging to go home.

That left Ella.  She happily worked alongside Poppy for several hours.  They planted tomatoes, squash and cucumbers.  Poppy even had a special tomato plant for Ella….her favorite, cherry tomatoes!  She was so proud of her work.  And I know Poppy loved having a hard worker alongside today. 

Spring is here!
2014-03-30 gardeningWM

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