Monday, March 03, 2014


Timber cat has chosen HIS person. 
It’s Mister Wilson. 
And only Mister Wilson.
2013-12-19 (1)

Adding a cat to the family was not exactly a well thought out idea. 
But what a good match we made!

2013-12-19 (2)

This cat ONLY has eyes for Will. 
He just tolerates the rest of us.

2013-12-19 (4)

Every night at bedtime the cat comes up on his own and waits for him to get in bed.  And he sleeps there ALL night, snuggled up next to his person.  Will gets up in the mornings and Timber quickly disappears back to the basement until bedtime comes around again. 

2013-12-19 (6)

As I type this, Will is at Mimi’s for a sleepover.  And Timber is roaming the house looking for his person.  I’m not sure where he will sleep tonight.

2013-12-19 (7)
I’m pretty sure we got the most perfect cat in the universe (next to Mister Willie cat).

And Mister Wilson thinks so too.  He doesn’t hesitate to tell you that Timber cat loves him the most and it’s hard not to argue.

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Anonymous said...

Cute pics - is your cat a Siberian Cat?