Tuesday, March 18, 2014

the Ts take the stage!

Sunday night was a big night.  The trio took the stage with their church preschool choir for a quick performance. 

Last December, Ella and I went to see the kids Christmas program at church.  She was HOOKED!  After it was over she turned around and said “what do I have to do to get up there?”.  Quickly followed by “and I want to pick out my own outfit to wear on stage!”. She knows what she wants!

So we started going to the preschool choir class after the holidays.  Then Will decided he wanted to go. (preschool choir is ages 3-K.  Will will move up soon.) And if two are going, then three might as well go.  And here we are!

Well, if you haven’t watched the video yet, you really must!  Wyatt was quite the ham.  He only went to two practices but there was no keeping him off the stage, especially when Will and Ella told him there was a party afterwards!

2014-03 March
He surprisingly seemed to know the words and motions. 
I guess he is a quick study!

Ella was excited to look all around and see faces she recognized.  Here she is noticing Renee, Joseph and baby Jake.

With all three on the stage at once it was hard to know who to watch! Glad all 3 stood in a row so we could see them together.

2014-03-16 Ella takes the stage (7)

Ella had been looking forward to this “first” for SO long.  She was ecstatic that the day had finally arrived.  She wanted to make sure we took her picture, and video.  [check] 2014-03-16 Ella takes the stage (10)
She knew ALL the words and motions.  She did GREAT!  She looked so calm, and proud up there! 
Mister Wilson admitted that he gets nervous before taking the stage, but that he still enjoys it.


All THREE of my T’s did a great job on stage. 
We are so proud of them!!!!

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