Sunday, March 09, 2014

not quite a get-away….

We went out of town Valentine’s weekend! While not a traditional Valentine’s getaway, it was a getaway none the less.  And it was our first time away from all 3 kids in 2 years.  I’d call that a Valentine’s miracle. (Thanks Mimi and Poppy for spoiling our kids for the weekend.)

Valentine’s weekend was spent in Birmingham attending the Empowered to Connect conference.  This was my second time to attend, Chris’s first.  And honestly, there is no quick way to sum up the weekend.  But the main focus is parenting kids who come from “hard” places and helping them heal.  But really, this can apply to any child.  Regardless of their start.

Some of it was hard to hear.  Humbling.  Convicting.  Yet empowering. 

Romantic?  Nope.  Not unless spending the weekend with 800 people is romantic.  But it was quality time away.  And fun to visit with our friends (Yaya’s parents). Win-win.

So back to Valentines…We celebrated the Heart holiday with the kids on the 13th.  The family got a new popcorn popper (woohoo).  And it was a hit with the trio.  They love to stand and watch it come flying out.  (that would be why there is only a picture of their backs)

Wyatt had a party at school.  This year he had to make a mailbox (this was the first time one of my kids needed one!).  His recent discovery of Despicable Me and Minions prompted me to hit up Pinterest for a few easy ideas.  (FYI, Wyatt calls the movie “Inions”….which creates confusion when you are trying to figure out what he is saying.)  In less than 20 minutes we had this lovely Minion box.  And Wyatt was thrilled.  The other kids might have been jealous that they didn’t need a box .

No pictures of the boys school parties because I did not attend <gasp>.  Will’s party was practically at the end of February due to snow days. It was a bit anti-climatic for him by then.

This was a long and random post.  But I wanted to document the holiday and the few pictures I did have.


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