Thursday, March 13, 2014

every day {aka phone dump}

It’s time to clean off my phone again…and a few of these are old ones!

Poppy hitching a ride with Ella on the trike.


The Littles spent alot of time this fall “playing” soccer while Will was at school.  Wyatt decided to take the game to a new level, or he was channeling Gus, he (still) thinks this is the best way to get the soccer ball from one place to the other.

wyatt soccer

All our snow days meant long, lingering breakfasts.  Complete with homemade Star Wars pancakes.  Mister Wilson thought this was the best idea ever.


Will taught the Littles to do this.  I am thrilled.
We got alot of stares.  But at least no one is running off, crying, or hurting a sibling.


“Ella, where’s Wyatt?”

Wyatt has battled with bronchitis all winter.  You know he’s sick when he falls asleep during a treatment.

Wyatt’s sign that something is wrong is bright red cheeks.  Almost always just the left one.

“Momma, let me grab my pink hat and glasses so we can match!”

“Some grown ups wear their hats like this.  I think it’s cool.”


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