Wednesday, March 26, 2014

book worm, literally

My little book worm, Mister Wilson, has carried this stack of animal books around him for years.  One or two of the books are newer editions, but most have been around years.  Three years to be exact.
2014-03-16 (12)

These little treasures came from the $1 spot at Tar-jay.  And are prized possessions. No one is allowed to touch them but Will.  (And the littles are totally not interested in them anyway.)

Here is a little #tbt (Mom, that means throwback Thursday….).  Mister Wilson on his 3rd birthday….a Mommy/Will date to the zoo.  He proudly carried his animal field guide around the whole time. Can you see his little Raptor book clutched tight in that tiny sticky hand?

2011-04-07 (1)

And here is my book worm now, probably reading about worms or insects, or reptiles.  Or his current obsession, raptors.  This kid can work the word “talon” into almost any sentence.  Thank you Wild Kratts.
2014-03-11 (20) 2014-03-16 (8)

While the little kids are riding bikes, Will prefers to sit in the middle reading aloud about the animals of the African savanna.  And when they refuse to listen, he gets up and walks behind them reading even louder. Safe to say we only have one animal-lover out of the three.


And nothing says fun like using your field guide and finding where the animals live on the map.

All nerd jokes aside, what a fascinating book loving, animal loving, creature loving, almost-6-years-old, kid. He keeps us entertained, and educated!

2014-03-16 (14)

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