Thursday, February 06, 2014


snowpocalypse, snowjam, snowcation….whatever you want to call it, it happened.  And here’s our version.  *We really had it good compared to so many south of us.

I dropped Wyatt it off at school around 9 and Ella and I headed into the store.  As we were getting out of the car I told her to squint and she might see a snowflake or two.  An hour later we finished shopping and walked out of the store and were shocked to find everything covered in snow!  The was the most snow Ella had ever seen.  She was ecstatic. 

2014-01-28 (63)
I left the store, fully intending to finish my errands.  Driving down the road I noticed it was slicker than I expected.  And at one point I slid when turning.  I was already headed towards the house when I decided I better stick close to home knowing schools would be closing soon.

2014-01-28 (64) 
We were home just long enough to unload when the text came in that school was closing.  Heading back out I was sliding all over the place but safely made it to school where it was nothing but chaos.  Got my Mister Wilson and we slid out of there. 

2014-01-28 (25)

[cousin Jake and Wyatt go to preschool together] Thankfully Renee picked up Wyatt for me, and met us close to the house.  We made it home safely and waited for the snow to stop.  At the same time, Chris decided he needed to leave work before the roads got worse.  Sadly, it was bad timing as everyone else downtown was also leaving.  4 hours later, and a small 2 mile hike through the woods, he made it home. 

2014-01-28 (80)

During his travel time we managed to try out the sleds in our backyard, along with making snow angels and snow balls.  The kids had just enough fun.  But since it was still snowing and windy, they were freezing and DONE.

Mimi and Poppy came over while we played.  So thankful to be close enough by for them to stop by/walk over. And very grateful for an extra set of hands!

2014-01-28 (74)crop 2014-01-28 (75)
Will convinced Ella to pull him, and his sled, up the driveway.

2014-01-28 (84)

Thankfully the next day was nothing but snowy and sunny.  Chris could not get out of the neighborhood safely so we had a snow day.  We spent the morning getting to know our neighbors and sledding down the “bunny” slope.  (We have two bigger hills but decided the kids weren’t quite ready for that….and we didn’t want to have to carry them back up the giant hills.)

Will is the tiny spec way at the bottom of the hill.  He said it was the scariest thing ever, and he couldn’t wait to do it again. And again.  And again….
2014-01-29 (75)e

2014-01-29 (78)

Ella loved it too.  She never wanted to quit.

2014-01-29 (76)

Wyatt went down twice.  By force.  But he said it was great fun.  But refused to go again.

2014-01-29 (77)

Wyatt was happy to just watch from a distance.

2014-01-29 (73)

Chris and the “bigs” played all morning before finally giving in to the cold and calling it quits.

2014-01-29 (10) 

I convinced everyone to suit up one more time after lunch, by then the snow was just slush.  But we played some more, making real snowballs finally.

Will asked if we could “color” the snow.  Thankfully, I knew what to do.  We went out with squirt bottles filled with colored water and the trio went to town.  It might be safe to say they enjoyed that more than anything else.

2014-01-29 (60) 2014-01-29 (26) 2014-01-29 (12)e2014-01-29 (56)

Wyatt was happy to finally be riding his bikes in the snow. 

2014-01-29 (31) 2014-01-29 (43)e
2014-01-29 (49) 2014-01-29 (41)

Ella was the last one in.  Determined to jump on every last bit of snow left.  Thankfully Mimi came over and stayed out for a bit longer with her.  She DID NOT want the fun to end.

2014-01-29 (66)
The next day all the snow was all gone.  Sadly, school was out all week due to icy roads.  So we are STILL recovering from cabin fever!

All the snow gear is packed away.  Who knows when we will get it again, maybe this weekend?  Or maybe a few more years.  It was fun while it lasted!



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