Sunday, February 16, 2014

snow 2.0 (the follow-up)

Last time I blogged about the 2.0 snow storm we were up to about 5 inches.  We woke up Thursday morning to almost 9 inches total.  UNHEARD of for SE Tennessee. SONY DSC

I was thankful to wake up to a completely white yard because I think I was the only Mom in town who didn’t let their kids play in the snow the night before.
2014-02-13 snow 2.0 tree (1)

The only problem with this snow was that it was warming up fast Thursday morning.  And the super light and fluffy snow was going QUICK!
(hey look, i made it into a picture!)
We were in the yard playing by 9am.  And half the snow was gone by lunch.  Enough was melted that Chris easily made it to work after lunch.  Really the most perfect snow storm.  Not to mention we kept power the whole time.

We already knew Ella liked the snow.  We did not know she loved it so much that she would immediately do a face plant, on purpose, as soon as she stepped foot in the snow.  Thank goodness she didn’t get hurt!


She did it over and over again.  At one point asking to be buried in the snow.

SONY DSC                       SONY DSC

The kids were excited to discover this snow was perfect for snowmen and snowball fights!
will snow ballSONY DSC

2014-02-13 snow 2.0 (125)

Wyatt loved the snow this time.  Probably because it was warm out this time. 
2014-02-13 snow 2.0 (211)

Wyatt also discovered that snow castles are actually more fun that sand castles

The snow didn’t become sled-able until later when it got crunchy and slick. 

ella sled

snow pic will sled

Everyone took a turn going down our little hill in the back yard.

2014-02-13 snow 2.0 (299) 
2014-02-13 snow 2.0 (328)

Chris humored me while I practiced my photo skills.


I have tons more pictures to be posted later.  The good news is the snow was all gone by Friday morning! I’m hopeful this is our last snow for the season.  4 snow days last week has left us all with cabin fever.


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