Saturday, February 22, 2014

school fun

Backing up a month….All our January snow days moved all Will’s scheduled “fun” days at school. 


Will’s 100th day of school celebration: After lots of discussion, and googling, Mister Wilson came up with a 100 Ws for his fun shirt.  He was so proud of it.  It’s hard to tell that they are all W’s.  But he worked hard on this.  (I did have to add a giant W….to dress it up, haha)

2014-01 phone (1)
Literacy week also was shuffled around.  For character day he was Bumblebee Boy.  And he was so excited when his teacher chose his book to read to the class that day.

And for poster day he wanted to recreate another favorite, Up Above and Down Below. Easiest project ever since all we needed was a bunch of stickers.  Will had a great time deciding where everything went. 
literacy week

I think these are the last big projects for the year.  But what do I know.  This is our first year in elementary school!

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