Sunday, February 09, 2014

say it isn’t snow?

We JUST put the sleds away in the attic.

2014-01 (1)

Matched the mittens back up.

2014-01 (2)

Packed away the snow boots (who knew I had three pairs? and in the perfect size for all 3 kids?!)

2014-01 (3)

Despite cleaning up, turns out this one sled was camouflaged in the grass and didn’t get put away.

2014-01 (4)

So the trio pretended to sled a bit.  And took turns “pulling” it.

2014-01 (5)

I think they had more fun doing this than real sledding.  

2014-01 (6)

The forecast is calling for snow again this week!  I’m not sure I have recovered from the last 4 day break yet…

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