Friday, February 07, 2014

New Year, part 2

We’re still trying to figure out what Chinese New Year looks like for our family.  Our only tradition, right now, is to go to celebrate with our FCC friends. 

I’ve heard several families share that they equate it to Thanksgiving.  Though in China they celebrate for 2 weeks.  We have stretched our craft time out for two weeks. But we only celebrated one night with dinner. We didn’t include traditional foods. Maybe next year now that we know how to make dumplings. 

We read all of our New Year books.  Which helped us talk about the different traditions.  One of those being red lanterns.  So we whipped up some crafty lanterns (minus the red since we were out of red paper.) Mister Wilson loved every bit of it too.  It helps that they talked about CNY in music class last week.  He felt all in the know.

So for now our tradition includes food and crafts.  Sounds like the perfect holiday to me!

2014-01-25 CNY2WM

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