Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Ella takes the stage!

Back when Wyatt had his Christmas program, Ella started asking questions.  The first “How do I get up on that stage?!?!?”.  We talked about why/how he got on stage.  And when it was her turn to go to school she could go on stage.  That wasn’t good enough.  She wanted to be on stage NOW!

The next week we went to the children choir performance at church.  Once again she wanted to know how to get up there.  I told her she could go to practice, and eventually she could go on stage.  Her next question “can I pick my own outfit?!”.  I quickly (smartly) answered only for practice.  She did not like that answer, but agreed to the terms, haha.

That was in December.  And since then she has asked weekly when it will be her turn on stage. 

January was chaotic, but in February we finally got our act together enough to get her to choir practice.  The other concern about choir is that she would have to go alone, the boys did not want to go.  She didn’t care one bit to go alone. That alone tells you how badly she wanted this. 

Sunday on the way to church she asked who all was coming to see her on stage and take her picture.  I had to laugh, she just knew it was her time to shine!  I finally convinced her that practice was the perfect way to start. 

She reluctantly agreed but asked that I at least take a picture.
She had a blast!!!!  And can’t wait for her stage debut :)


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