Thursday, February 27, 2014

good night wyatt ♫

every night wyatt gets one song.
2 years, without exception, the same song.
no other song will do.
naturally, it’s a made up song.  (so helpful if anyone else has to put him to bed)

SONY DSC                       ♫ good night wyatt, momma loves you
good night wyatt, daddy loves you  ♫

♫ good night wyatt, guh-guh loves you (will)
good night wyatt, ella loves you ♫

the list can go on and on and on, depending on the singer. 
but according to wyatt’s strict instructions it must end with…
♫ good night wyatt, gussy loves you
good night wyatt, timber loves you ♫

so this week wyatt interrupts the singer, on two different nights, and asks…

“why do all those people love me? “
we give a generic answer.

wyatt’s response….“why don’t they just love themselves?”

quickly followed by “hey, sing that again!”

good night silly boy!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Every time we have bundled up in our winter gear I’ve had a flash back.

2014-01-29 (77)

Funny how seeing a few pieces of clothing will take you back a few years.

Mister Wilson sported this same hat and coat during our frigid time in China



Monday, February 24, 2014

spring is coming….

Just a week ago we were up to our ears in snow.  Today it was a shorts kind of day.  Winter in the south….

2014-02-23 (1)

Sunday was the perfect afternoon to get some much-needed yard work done.  Ella was happy to don some gloves and pitch in.  She pulled and pulled weeds!  She has a helper-heart.

2014-02-23 (2)

Will, on the other hand, was happy to sit back and narrate our activities.  He pulled out his Bears Almanac and told us about every single holiday and season that occurs during the year.  The good news is that he probably hitting his reading aloud quota for the week.  It was a LONG book.


Wyatt was off picking up mulch with Chris.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

school fun

Backing up a month….All our January snow days moved all Will’s scheduled “fun” days at school. 


Will’s 100th day of school celebration: After lots of discussion, and googling, Mister Wilson came up with a 100 Ws for his fun shirt.  He was so proud of it.  It’s hard to tell that they are all W’s.  But he worked hard on this.  (I did have to add a giant W….to dress it up, haha)

2014-01 phone (1)
Literacy week also was shuffled around.  For character day he was Bumblebee Boy.  And he was so excited when his teacher chose his book to read to the class that day.

And for poster day he wanted to recreate another favorite, Up Above and Down Below. Easiest project ever since all we needed was a bunch of stickers.  Will had a great time deciding where everything went. 
literacy week

I think these are the last big projects for the year.  But what do I know.  This is our first year in elementary school!

Friday, February 21, 2014

the BIG first

Ella can add another “first” to her ever-growing list.  Her first day of preschool was Thursday!!!  We had been praying she might be able to get in on the wait list and get a spot towards the end of the year.  Such an answered prayer when we found out on Tuesday she could start this week! 

Initially we had hoped she and Wyatt could be in the same class but as the year went on we realized they might do better a part.  SO, she is starting in the 4.5 year old class (right on target!).  We’re interested to see how she does with others her age.


Ella was so giddy when she found out she could start school.  We stopped that morning to see her new class, and meet the teacher.  (Her new class is next door to Will’s old class….familiarity helps). We dropped Wyatt off and headed out on our usual errands, but Ella quickly dubbed it our last “Ella Mommy day” so we decided to make it a special day.  We picked out fabric for her new nap mat.  Talked about her clothes and what her school shirt will look like.  Then we went to our favorite lunch spot.

By Wednesday she took giddy to a new level.  We were ALL ready for Thursday to get here!

Three lunch boxes and back packs to pack!
2014-02-20 Ella's first day (2)

We set up Ella for success.  Tried out the rest mat.  Explored her lunch box.  Made matching Mommy/Ella necklaces for us to wear so we’re never far apart from each other.  Packed a picture for her family in her backpack.  And read first day of school books and watched TV shows.  She knew exactly what to expect.  And COULD NOT WAIT!!

Thursday she was up at 5am, and as a courtesy , got Wyatt up for me too.  <ahem> We got everyone back to bed, and got up for real at 7.  Ella ate, dressed, brushed her teeth, put her shoes on in record time and sat and waited.  All the while, Wyatt lounged in his PJs, dreading school.

SONY DSC                        

Thursday morning I heard no less than 30 times “Don’t forget to take your baby cakes’s picture.  You always take your babies pictures on the first day.”  She also reminded me that I needed to make her a sign “in a red frame like my boys”.  We got the required pictures out of the way and headed to school. 

2014-02-20 Ella's first day (4)

She begged to be dropped off first.  Wyatt was happy to let her.  She bust into the room asking “where’s my cubby?”.  We found her spot, and put her bags away.  The teacher had heard she loved ducks and had a special duck game out for her!  Sister was loving everything.  She all but shoved me out the door with a kiss and hug.  So away we went to Wyatt’s class.  Sadly, Wyatt was not as eager for me to leave (he thought he was now getting special Mommy/Wyatt time….).

I think Wyatt was more worried for Ella than she was worried for herself.
2014-02-20 Ella's first day (1)

I heard from Wyatt’s teacher that Ella was doing good and playing on the playground with some girls.  When I went to pick her up I got the rest of the playground story.  A little girl offered to be her friend on the playground.  Ella said “okay, as long as we play with the boys too”.  All the teachers got a kick out of the story.

2014-02-20 Ella's first day (8)

Mrs Monica reported that she had a great day and had acted like she had been in there all year.  She felt very comfortable because she did insist that her chair have her name written on it, just like all the other kids.

Two kids, all smiles after a good day at school.
2014-02-20 Ella's first day (7)

Ella excitedly told me all about her day.  And every.single.thing she did.  She was so excited and had a blast.  She did ask why it took me so long to come back, but we discussed all the things she covered and she was okay with that.

She did come home with homework.  She couldn’t be more excited about it! I hope she enjoys the rest of the school year as much as she enjoyed today!

2014-02-20 Ella's first day (5)

Thursday, February 20, 2014

thick and thin

No story here…these just crack me up.  These two have a love/hate relationship.  But they do like to make each other laugh!
DSC05688 DSC05689 


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

more pics

The last set of snow pics.  And if we’re friends on FB then you’ve already seen all of these :)

2014-02-13 snow 2.0 (173) SONY DSC

Will learned to walk under the tree and pull the limbs for his own personal snow shower.

Gus laid in the snow every chance he got.  I was surprised he enjoyed it so much this time.

Look at the snow balls on Riley’s feet!  Poor guy.


Sunday, February 16, 2014

snow 2.0 (the follow-up)

Last time I blogged about the 2.0 snow storm we were up to about 5 inches.  We woke up Thursday morning to almost 9 inches total.  UNHEARD of for SE Tennessee. SONY DSC

I was thankful to wake up to a completely white yard because I think I was the only Mom in town who didn’t let their kids play in the snow the night before.
2014-02-13 snow 2.0 tree (1)

The only problem with this snow was that it was warming up fast Thursday morning.  And the super light and fluffy snow was going QUICK!
(hey look, i made it into a picture!)
We were in the yard playing by 9am.  And half the snow was gone by lunch.  Enough was melted that Chris easily made it to work after lunch.  Really the most perfect snow storm.  Not to mention we kept power the whole time.

We already knew Ella liked the snow.  We did not know she loved it so much that she would immediately do a face plant, on purpose, as soon as she stepped foot in the snow.  Thank goodness she didn’t get hurt!


She did it over and over again.  At one point asking to be buried in the snow.

SONY DSC                       SONY DSC

The kids were excited to discover this snow was perfect for snowmen and snowball fights!
will snow ballSONY DSC

2014-02-13 snow 2.0 (125)

Wyatt loved the snow this time.  Probably because it was warm out this time. 
2014-02-13 snow 2.0 (211)

Wyatt also discovered that snow castles are actually more fun that sand castles

The snow didn’t become sled-able until later when it got crunchy and slick. 

ella sled

snow pic will sled

Everyone took a turn going down our little hill in the back yard.

2014-02-13 snow 2.0 (299) 
2014-02-13 snow 2.0 (328)

Chris humored me while I practiced my photo skills.


I have tons more pictures to be posted later.  The good news is the snow was all gone by Friday morning! I’m hopeful this is our last snow for the season.  4 snow days last week has left us all with cabin fever.