Monday, January 13, 2014

the kids first bike ride (kinda)

After starting the week with single digits we had a weekend with beautiful weather.  Sunday we went to the park for a bike ride with cousins.  You would think 3 adults could keep up with 6 kids....not quite. We were all walking briskly to keep up with different parts of the pack. 

Wyatt, in true Wyatt fashion, refused his bike and had to be carried the entire walk. 

But Ella and Will were rock stars!  This was their first time to ride on something other than the driveway.  They both pedaled vigorously the entire mile! (they did not want to turn around….but we didn’t want to carry two more kids and bikes back so we stopped short.)

I’m pretty sure everyone slept good last night!

2014-01-12 bike rideWM

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