Thursday, January 30, 2014

the girl who loved (sand and) snow!

One of these two is excited about the snow, one isn’t.  Wyatt, not a fan.  Ella, however, is snow’s #1 fan!!!!

2014-01-28 (17)

I know she doesn’t like to be cold, or rather, it’s always an issue inside the house. So I wasn’t sure just how much she would love the snow. But for some reason she tolerates being cold outside. 

Ella enjoyed every second of playing in the snow.  Giving us “two thumbs up” every time we looked at her.

2014-01-28 (57)

The very first thing she did was lay down and make a snow angel.  I can only assume watching all those holiday/winter shows taught her about those.
2014-01-28 (70)
It turned out pretty good, too bad someone ran over it. <ahem>

2014-01-28 (69)

She loved “sliding” best!  Asking constantly when we could go again. 

2014-01-29 (5)

We spent a few hours “coloring” the snow with colored water.  She surprised me by sitting down, in the slush, and coloring forever!  I was frozen while waiting for her to finish.  Her hands and pants were soaked and she did not care one bit!

2014-01-29 (61)

Soaking wet, she insisted on making a snowman.  Thankfully the snow finally was wet enough to make a small one.  Thankful for the kids SS teacher who gave them this snowman kit last year.  We had buttons, scarf, hat and eyes for our tiny guy.

2014-01-29 (70)

Ella’s first real snow experience was a success.  She had the best two days ever playing in the snow.  I think it’s safe to say our girl is an OUTDOORS girl!

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