Monday, January 20, 2014

say what?!

Wyatt: "Poop makes me happy."
This probably tells you all you'll ever need to know about Wyatt's personality.

Wyatt, obsessive with all things fireman related, “It's a pretty day out for a fire.”  No worries, I lectured him on the fact that there was never a pretty day for a fire.

Wyatt “Mommy, you’re my best friend.  You’re a winner!” And then, as if he was channeling Oprah, “And you’re a winner.  And you’re a winner.  And you’re a winner.” while pointing at everyone else around us.

2014-01-17 (1)

Will: “I'm going to be an army man when I grow up. And after that a wolf wrestler.” Said the boy who is terrified of wolves.

Trying to coax Will into going upstairs to get something alone, “But I’m afraid of the Ghost-of-being-all-alone.”  Apparently there’s different types of ghosts.

Will, upon seeing a no smoking sign:
“Hey look, no steam sticks allowed here. I guess the place would blow up.”

Will, in reference to a soccer game, "I didn't use my laser eyes or fireballs today. "  So I guess he had to use his feet like everyone else.


Ella: “I think daddy always come back. And I think cats poop.”  No clue why she thought these two facts went together but she didn’t even pause between statements.

Ella: “Mom, I like George because he's curious.”
And she was being totally serious about Curious George.

2014-01-17 (2)

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