Tuesday, January 21, 2014

not a pink princess

Well, there’s no hiding the fact that Ella loves pink.  LOVES pink.  Pink polka dots is even better.  This day she picked all of her clothes out and there was not thing on her body that wasn’t pink.  It makes her happy!


Despite all that pink, Ella does NOT buy into the whole princess philosophy.  Some other kids in our family <ahem> love princess type movies.  Ella will watch for a few minutes and then move on.  The boys, trained well, will compliment both of us if we are dressed up.  Wyatt’s favorite thing is to say we look like a princes.  And if caught on the wrong day, this will send Ella in a tailspin.  She does not appreciate the compliment.

Naturally, we have quite the collection of princess paraphernalia from holidays and birthdays.  Crowns, tutus, dresses.  I finally convinced Ella try one of the dresses on while we had a dance party, telling her that was the point of dress up.  She let me put it on and then quickly said “Really, this is suppose to be fun?!”. And it was quickly followed by “get this off!”.  Safe to say I don’t see us entering the princess phase anytime soon.  At least she knows what she doesn’t like.


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