Thursday, January 02, 2014

Elf Antics (part 2)

Our fun with Flynn continues! 
One day he brought us this new Christmas book,
Santa’s Favorite Story: The story of the first Christmas. It’s such a sweet book and it’s Santa telling the story of Jesus’ birth.  Glad to have it in our library now.


To settle a heated debate between siblings on whether Flynn liked superheroes…..Flynn showed us for himself that he DOES like them!

photo (2)

One night Flynn attempted to rearrange our gingerbread trees.


Maybe my favoritest elf antic yet!  He convinced the trio that God and Santa both love a cheerful giver.  And they filled an entire bag with old toys within an hour of waking up.  The only way I could have done that was to wait till they were gone and sneak toys out.  They willing gave up books, toys and puzzles!

day 21
I am sure going to miss this elf now that he’s gone.  Even if he left alot of messes for me to clean up he has gotten alot accomplished around here. 
(I’m almost done with the Christmas posts….)

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