Friday, January 17, 2014

Chris’ birthday bash

I’m trying to catch up…..

Chris’s birthday was a few weeks ago. And for the first time in years, Chris’s birthday fell on a weekend where he didn’t have to work.  Yay!

We celebrated with a date night!  I don’t even remember what we did now, other than dinner.  And errands.  But thankful for our time away to carry on a conversation without 3 little interruptions.

Sunday we celebrated with family.  And cake, of course.  As usual, Chris requested his favorite cake….chocolate cake with chocolate icing.  And it must be COLD.  The sprinkles were the request of the kids.  The kids had fun celebrating, of course.  And loved showing him how to use his presents.  (In case he didn’t know how to work the bird feeder HE picked out <ahem>)

2014-01-05 chris bdayWM

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