Friday, January 03, 2014

all about the decorate*

*Wyatt’s go-to word this holiday season has been “decorate”. 
  “Look at that decorate!”
  ”That house has their decorate turned on!”
  ”Look at the decorates we put on the tree.”
It is absolutely adorable and hysterical at the same time. 

So, in honor of the decorates…… Here are a few of the new “decorates” adorning our tree this year. (I like to keep track of the new ornaments the kids get each year…if you’re really bored
HERE’s last lengthy years re-cap.)

This year the ornaments were pretty easy and straight forward.  (Forgive me, I forgot to number the pics.)

Mister Wilson’s ornament was a Santa Darth Vader.  Fitting since he finally watched his first Star Wars movie this season.  He is hooked!

Ella, a duck of course.  We have quite a collection of duck ornaments now.  They’re getting hard to find without “baby’s first christmas” written on them.  This one is extra fancy with the tail feather ;)

This year, not just any train would do, it needed to be Thomas for Wyatt this year.  I’m not sure the ornament stayed on the tree much.  Wyatt was constantly playing with it, thankfully it was plastic. 

And on the bottom right corner is an ornament with some of the shells from our beach trip this year.  Ella and I made one with her collection and Will wanted one just like it.  Wyatt, quickly passed on that idea.  He could care less about shells or sand.

I *think* this is my last holiday post!!!  Fitting since all my decorations are now down!
2013-12 cmas decorWM

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