Friday, January 31, 2014

day 4 - snowcation

We might have cabin fever. 

One might be crying because school was cancelled, rather book character dress-up day was cancelled. 

One might be sick with a borderline fever. 

We are almost out of milk.

Praying Chris doesn’t have to work this weekend.
I’m running out of tricks.

Oh, it’s Chinese New Year today.  Happy Year of the Horse!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

the girl who loved (sand and) snow!

One of these two is excited about the snow, one isn’t.  Wyatt, not a fan.  Ella, however, is snow’s #1 fan!!!!

2014-01-28 (17)

I know she doesn’t like to be cold, or rather, it’s always an issue inside the house. So I wasn’t sure just how much she would love the snow. But for some reason she tolerates being cold outside. 

Ella enjoyed every second of playing in the snow.  Giving us “two thumbs up” every time we looked at her.

2014-01-28 (57)

The very first thing she did was lay down and make a snow angel.  I can only assume watching all those holiday/winter shows taught her about those.
2014-01-28 (70)
It turned out pretty good, too bad someone ran over it. <ahem>

2014-01-28 (69)

She loved “sliding” best!  Asking constantly when we could go again. 

2014-01-29 (5)

We spent a few hours “coloring” the snow with colored water.  She surprised me by sitting down, in the slush, and coloring forever!  I was frozen while waiting for her to finish.  Her hands and pants were soaked and she did not care one bit!

2014-01-29 (61)

Soaking wet, she insisted on making a snowman.  Thankfully the snow finally was wet enough to make a small one.  Thankful for the kids SS teacher who gave them this snowman kit last year.  We had buttons, scarf, hat and eyes for our tiny guy.

2014-01-29 (70)

Ella’s first real snow experience was a success.  She had the best two days ever playing in the snow.  I think it’s safe to say our girl is an OUTDOORS girl!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014



We are in full-on holiday mode around here.  Okay, not really.  But we have our decorations up.  Minus a few red lanterns that don’t seem to just hang themselves. But we have our New Year and Valentines bases covered.  

And for fun, we have worked on these Do-a-dot sheets.  These are probably some of the best ones we’ve ever done.  They were perfect for where Ella’s at with counting and the alphabet.  And, you can’t beat free!

I’m not sure we will be getting a new years hair cut.  But we have most of the other traditions covered.


Tuesday, January 28, 2014

CNY, celebrating the horse!

We always look forward to our annual get together with our old friends who helped us get started on this journey. 

We love catching up with everyone and admiring how everyone’s family has changed since we first met. We also were able to meet some new families.  And some families with brand new babies!

Our kids, as usual, had a blast!  An open gym to run in, and bleachers to climb, add in snacks and they were in heaven!  Will found the craft table, where he stood and colored for the longest time.  And Chris and Ella learned how to make dumplings. And Wyatt made friends with any kid holding a ball.   We had a great time celebrating the year of the horse! 

2014-01-25 CNY WM

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

not a pink princess

Well, there’s no hiding the fact that Ella loves pink.  LOVES pink.  Pink polka dots is even better.  This day she picked all of her clothes out and there was not thing on her body that wasn’t pink.  It makes her happy!


Despite all that pink, Ella does NOT buy into the whole princess philosophy.  Some other kids in our family <ahem> love princess type movies.  Ella will watch for a few minutes and then move on.  The boys, trained well, will compliment both of us if we are dressed up.  Wyatt’s favorite thing is to say we look like a princes.  And if caught on the wrong day, this will send Ella in a tailspin.  She does not appreciate the compliment.

Naturally, we have quite the collection of princess paraphernalia from holidays and birthdays.  Crowns, tutus, dresses.  I finally convinced Ella try one of the dresses on while we had a dance party, telling her that was the point of dress up.  She let me put it on and then quickly said “Really, this is suppose to be fun?!”. And it was quickly followed by “get this off!”.  Safe to say I don’t see us entering the princess phase anytime soon.  At least she knows what she doesn’t like.


Monday, January 20, 2014

say what?!

Wyatt: "Poop makes me happy."
This probably tells you all you'll ever need to know about Wyatt's personality.

Wyatt, obsessive with all things fireman related, “It's a pretty day out for a fire.”  No worries, I lectured him on the fact that there was never a pretty day for a fire.

Wyatt “Mommy, you’re my best friend.  You’re a winner!” And then, as if he was channeling Oprah, “And you’re a winner.  And you’re a winner.  And you’re a winner.” while pointing at everyone else around us.

2014-01-17 (1)

Will: “I'm going to be an army man when I grow up. And after that a wolf wrestler.” Said the boy who is terrified of wolves.

Trying to coax Will into going upstairs to get something alone, “But I’m afraid of the Ghost-of-being-all-alone.”  Apparently there’s different types of ghosts.

Will, upon seeing a no smoking sign:
“Hey look, no steam sticks allowed here. I guess the place would blow up.”

Will, in reference to a soccer game, "I didn't use my laser eyes or fireballs today. "  So I guess he had to use his feet like everyone else.


Ella: “I think daddy always come back. And I think cats poop.”  No clue why she thought these two facts went together but she didn’t even pause between statements.

Ella: “Mom, I like George because he's curious.”
And she was being totally serious about Curious George.

2014-01-17 (2)

Friday, January 17, 2014

Chris’ birthday bash

I’m trying to catch up…..

Chris’s birthday was a few weeks ago. And for the first time in years, Chris’s birthday fell on a weekend where he didn’t have to work.  Yay!

We celebrated with a date night!  I don’t even remember what we did now, other than dinner.  And errands.  But thankful for our time away to carry on a conversation without 3 little interruptions.

Sunday we celebrated with family.  And cake, of course.  As usual, Chris requested his favorite cake….chocolate cake with chocolate icing.  And it must be COLD.  The sprinkles were the request of the kids.  The kids had fun celebrating, of course.  And loved showing him how to use his presents.  (In case he didn’t know how to work the bird feeder HE picked out <ahem>)

2014-01-05 chris bdayWM

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

beautiful and hard

My dear friend, Angie, recently blogged about the Beautiful Hard Moments.  And I can’t help but share this bittersweet story with you.  At first, we thought God brought our families together because our girls were once roommates.  But now we realize it’s soooo much more than that.  Our girls are going through similar journeys as they learn what it means to be part of a family.



wordless wednesday {wyatt getting his grove on}

Wyatt rarely dances spontaneously.  This night he was in rare form and asked Daddy to join in…….



DSC04214 DSC04215



Tuesday, January 14, 2014

2013 in pictures

A quick run-down of my fave pics from 2013. You know, in case you were wondering…..


February (Valentine’s Day)

March (photo-shot with our beloved Duck)

Maybe my all-time fave picture ever!

May (pre-K graduation)



August (E turns 4)


October (my other all-time fave pic)


2013-12-24 (116)

Monday, January 13, 2014

the kids first bike ride (kinda)

After starting the week with single digits we had a weekend with beautiful weather.  Sunday we went to the park for a bike ride with cousins.  You would think 3 adults could keep up with 6 kids....not quite. We were all walking briskly to keep up with different parts of the pack. 

Wyatt, in true Wyatt fashion, refused his bike and had to be carried the entire walk. 

But Ella and Will were rock stars!  This was their first time to ride on something other than the driveway.  They both pedaled vigorously the entire mile! (they did not want to turn around….but we didn’t want to carry two more kids and bikes back so we stopped short.)

I’m pretty sure everyone slept good last night!

2014-01-12 bike rideWM

Thursday, January 09, 2014

happy HALF bday {Wyatt}

Well, I ALMOST didn’t celebrate the half bday this year.  I decided in 2014 we weren’t gong to celebrate.  But I did mention to Wyatt that he was now 3.5. Will asked where the cake was.  When I told him he could not believe there wasn’t going to be one. 

Thank goodness we were at Mimi and Poppy’s.  We quickly produced a swiss cake roll (they always have little debbie’s for the trio).  Lit a candle and happy Mister Wilson was satisfied.  [Yes, Wilson.  Wyatt was oblivious to the whole non-cake celebration.]

We sang, we celebrated and are now counting down to the Fabulous Fourth birthday!

2014-01-07 Wy half bday

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

mostly wordless wednesday {wyatt smiles}


Smiling Wyatt, courtesy of Mister Wilson.
2011 and 2013.

2013-12 Dec

Sunday, January 05, 2014

Boy(s) - a noise with dirt on it.

You wouldn’t know by the looks of this, but these pics were taken Christmas Eve.  Why Wyatt was wearing shorts, I’ll never know.  He’s starting to dress himself some days. 

Ella was running errands with Chris so it was just the boys at home.  I’m not sure what sparked this activity but they had the best time.  And I just LOVED seeing the two of them have fun together and laugh and laugh and laugh (they struggle finding a common bond some days…..).

They played this way for at least 2 hours.  I finally grabbed the camera to document the sweet moments. 

2013-013 2013-014

At some point the fun became team work…..up and over team work.

Again, and again, and again.  Wyatt tried to help Brother out, but Will can reach the chair without a lift :)


And this is what I got when I asked them to pose for a picture.  I love every one of them!!!


Friday, January 03, 2014

all about the decorate*

*Wyatt’s go-to word this holiday season has been “decorate”. 
  “Look at that decorate!”
  ”That house has their decorate turned on!”
  ”Look at the decorates we put on the tree.”
It is absolutely adorable and hysterical at the same time. 

So, in honor of the decorates…… Here are a few of the new “decorates” adorning our tree this year. (I like to keep track of the new ornaments the kids get each year…if you’re really bored
HERE’s last lengthy years re-cap.)

This year the ornaments were pretty easy and straight forward.  (Forgive me, I forgot to number the pics.)

Mister Wilson’s ornament was a Santa Darth Vader.  Fitting since he finally watched his first Star Wars movie this season.  He is hooked!

Ella, a duck of course.  We have quite a collection of duck ornaments now.  They’re getting hard to find without “baby’s first christmas” written on them.  This one is extra fancy with the tail feather ;)

This year, not just any train would do, it needed to be Thomas for Wyatt this year.  I’m not sure the ornament stayed on the tree much.  Wyatt was constantly playing with it, thankfully it was plastic. 

And on the bottom right corner is an ornament with some of the shells from our beach trip this year.  Ella and I made one with her collection and Will wanted one just like it.  Wyatt, quickly passed on that idea.  He could care less about shells or sand.

I *think* this is my last holiday post!!!  Fitting since all my decorations are now down!
2013-12 cmas decorWM