Monday, December 30, 2013

the big day finally arrived!

After Christmas Eve dinner and gifts we rushed home to put out our reindeer food and Santa’s goodies.

2013-12-24 Cmas Eve (135) 2013-12-24 Cmas Eve (138)2013-12-25 cmas morning (2)

All three were eager to get into bed and all were quickly asleep with visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads.  Thankfully they easily fell asleep and Santa made his stop at our house!

He came in a whirlwind and left lots of goodies for the trio.2013-12-25 cmas morning (1)

There’s always one kid who gets distracted when they walk into the room.  This year it was Ella.  She was surprised to see Kitty in the den and stopped to pet and chase him.  We had to redirect her so she’d see her pink kitchen.  

 2013-12-25 cmas morning (4)

2013-12-25 cmas morning (5)

Wyatt only asked Santa for one thing a “yellow truck with a silver trailer”.  I’m guessing Santa had a hard time filling that request, but looks like Wyatt was happy enough with the truck and trailer he left.  Wyatt was also pretty excited about new Rescue Center.  Santa must have known that Wyatt loves police and fire trucks, and ambulances.  Wyatt’s new favorite thing to say now is “there’s an emergency!”.

2013-12-25 cmas morning (12)

Santa definitely got Will’s wish list.  He only made a new list every 2-3 days.  But it always had the same few things.  Skylanders (even though Mommy & Daddy weren’t sure about this….) and a keyboard.  He was excited about Skylanders.  And even more excited about his new keyboard.  I’m pretty sure Mrs. Claus had nothing to do with this request, it’s loud and noisy.  Just the way Will likes it.  His favorite parts are the microphone and the recorder that lets him listen to his jam sessions over and over!2013-12-25 cmas morning (14)

And of course, the only thing Ella asked for….a pink kitchen.  I wonder if Santa waivered on this one as much as Chris & I did.  We already have a brown kitchen and warned Ella that Santa might not think we needed a second kitchen.  I have a feeling he waited till the last minute to decide.  

2013-12-25 cmas morning (18)

Next we dug into our stockings.  Santa was good to us.  New crayons, undies, gloves and hats, trains and books!

2013-12-25 cmas morning (23)


Will got a new art set (his #1 request).  And a pretty cool camera that lets you project your pics on the wall.  We’ve had alot of fun with that.

2013-12-25 cmas morning (29) 2013-12-25 cmas morning (31)

Ella got tons of new kitchen toys for that pink kitchen.

2013-12-25 cmas morning (40)

2013-12-25 cmas morning (32)

It was a fun morning for ALL!

 2013-12-25 cmas morning (65)

When it all was over with Wyatt asked where his blue kitchen was <sigh>.  I told him he now had a new-to-him brown kitchen.
2013-12-25 cmas morning (66)Everyone had a very Merry Christmas!


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