Saturday, December 21, 2013

random pieces of life

Mister Wilson saw Star Wars (one episode or another…..) for the first time.  I’m sure this was one of those big Dad moments where you get to share your favorite movie with your child.  No surprise, Will said it was awesome!

photo (3)

Ella has decided she has a thing for vests.  Especially furry ones.  Mimi could NOT turn Ella down.  Sister is thrilled with the new addition to her wardrobe!

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Will’s class is studying all kinds of December celebrations.  SO we now have a countdown going for Christmas, Kwanza and Hanukah.   Ella keeps asking Will if Kwanza is a boy or girl, and he gets SO mad at her.  He doesn’t know why she doesn’t remember it’s a harvest celebration. 

photo (2)

Ella and Wyatt love the play kitchen.  It’s currently in Ella’s room, so Wyatt figures he needs to wear her accessories while in there making cookies.  

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Monkey see, monkey do.  Wyatt had a hard time figuring out how to rest his head like Chris.  He finally gave up and just rested it on Chris’s arm.

photo 2 (1)

And we helped Mimi celebrate a big birthday, complete with ice cream cake.  And candles, of course.

photo 13

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