Tuesday, December 24, 2013

random pieces of life (continued)

Chris is currently in the midst of his 20 day sabbatical from work.  He took the chance to have lunch with Will one day at school.  When I asked W the best part of his day he said french fries.  Quickly followed by Daddy.

photo (7)

The boys coincidentally ended up in matching PJs one night.  Wyatt was SOOOO thrilled to be cool like his big brother.  He grinned all night.  Since then, they will wear these together on purpose.  So sweet!

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Ella had a real haircut.  No pictures from the actual event since she was in my lap during it.  But we had 2 inches taken off the back!  It only took 2 years to get it all evened out.  She is thrilled with her new do.  And talks about it alot.  The days leading up to the cut she kept saying it was time for a haircut because it was getting long like “Tangles”.  She’s referring to the movie Tangled.  

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When holidays collide (Indian hat + Christmas tree + pumpkins on the mantle)

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Wyatt’s Christmas program was a success!  He saw us and did not demand to get off the stage!  And he hammed it up the entire performance.  We were all in shock, and laughing hysterically.  And in case you want to re-live that fun, go HERE!

2013-12-05 wy program (1)

Wyatt had a baby Jesus birthday party at school.  He was just excited about the gifts and treats!
2013-12-17 Wy school party

Will’s Christmas party was craft-heavy.  And the Mister loved every second of coloring and gluing.  And the donuts.  He loved the donuts!  Top right pic says “I am Wilson”

2013-12-19 Ws school party 

Ella-versary or Gotcha Day was celebrated with a lunch date with Mommy and Daddy.  Hibachi style.  Sister LOVED it.  Not the fire part so much, but thought the food was great!  (she loves some steak!)  And we also celebrated as a family with snowmen donuts.
2013-12-19 Ella day2 2013-12-19 Ella day

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