Friday, December 20, 2013

Elf Antics 2013 (part 1)

Our elf, Flynn Flyer, is BACK!  He sent us a letter in Nov telling us that he had received a promotion this summer and was a Boss Elf now.  And that he might look different since he is all grown up now.
A few days after Thanksgiving Flynn made his return.  And with him he brought a snowman breakfast!  And he brought us a new movie, Charlie Brown Christmas!
day1 (1)
And sure enough, he does look a little different this year.  Maybe a bit taller. Or perhaps, more bendy.day1 (2) 
He has spent many days hanging out on the shelf.  But occasionally he does some whacky things like stealing Halloween candy, playing with our toys, making hot chocolate.  Wyatt was NOT thrilled to discover Flynn had gotten himself stuck in the legos.  We quickly unassembled that mess.

One more morning Flynn reminded us to get our lists ready.  What  a sweet note I found from Mister Wilson “I love you Elf”.  
photo 4
One of the kids favorite treats was when Flynn turned our door into a snowman!  To quote Will, “this is awesome!!!”.
photo 3 (2)
We only have a few weeks left, I can’t wait to see what else that elf comes up with!

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