Monday, December 02, 2013

December starts off with a bang!

Five years we have attempted to go to our local Christmas parade.  This year we finally made it!

We were warned to bring bags for the candy.  But I had no idea that we would bring home more candy than Halloween.  OHMY! The trio hit the jackpot! (and we had just finished our Halloween candy!) They grabbed at least an entire box worth of Little Debbie’s, along with every other type of candy imaginable. 

Mister Wilson loved seeing the Army trucks.  They all loved seeing the “moving car show” as Wyatt put it.  Farm equipment in every color was a hit too.  And Wyatt loved seeing all the yellow fire trucks.  Everyone loved seeing the horses, especially the clydesdales.  Ella loved the bands, but Wyatt was NOT a fan of them.

What a fun afternoon.  We can’t wait to make this a part of our Christmas tradition.

*Mom, this is for you… on the collage and it will open it up bigger so you can see all the pics.

2013-12-01 cmas parade (WM)

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