Thursday, December 05, 2013

a pie kind of morning

2013-11-28 pie 10
Turns out I don’t know Mister T as well as I thought.  Thanksgiving morning he declared “it’s just not Thanksgiving without pumpkin pie”.  Huh?! 16 years together and  this is the first I’ve heard of this.  My sole job at Mom and Dad’s Thanksgiving feast is dessert.  Pie, cookies, whatever my heart desires.  I usually make a chocolate pie and apple pie.  I was feeling lazy this year and was just going to go with apple pie.  And then Mister declares pumpkin pie is his favorite.  What’s a good wife to do?  Whip up a pumpkin pie of course.

I visited my favorite, reliable, homecooking site: the Pioneer Woman. I asked Ree searched Pumpkin Pie.  She linked to this pumpkin pie recipe.  Normally I would compare several recipes, I just went with it.  Chris said it was the best!

Now, I’m sure you’re wondering if I really had all the ingredients on hand.  And yes, I did!  So that worked in my favor.  The only problem was I only had one pie crust (I used premade for my apple pie).  So what was I to do…ask Ree if she also had pie crust recipes. She sure did.  I used this one and it was amazing.  I have made pie crust in the past and it was a disaster.  This one was perfectly amazing! I used it in both the apple and pumpkin pie this year.  Looks like we have a few new traditions to add to our feast.

All that to say, I spent alot of time in the kitchen Thanksgiving morning.  And who was beside me every step of the way? Ella Wei.  She LOVES being in the kitchen!  She took her job seriously and did a great job helping.  The two of us had a great time together. 

Our two pies were a success.  Everyone gobbled up the apple pie.  And Chris ate the entire pumpkin pie over the holiday week.  Who knew an entire pie was his dream come true?!  I  think we have a new tradition to add to our feast.

*the running joke around here is that we are either out of ink or paper.  naturally, this was the case when I needed to print two recipes.  insert ipad, covered with saran wrap.  i am a messy baker, haha.

2013-11-28 Tgiving pies (WM)


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Kristi said...

Love those pics of your little cutie pie baking with you! Bonding over food preparation is something that should be in adoption books! :)