Thursday, December 26, 2013

ho-ho-ho or is it choo-choo-choo?

We tried something new this year.  Christmas Eve dinner at Mimi and Poppy’s.  And opening gifts from them afterwards, instead of in the morning. The kids LOVED it.  They loved all of their gifts, and loved having plenty of time to play without wanting to rush on to their other gifts. 

Not to mention, there was a big surprise waiting for them in the basement afterwards...

2013-12-24 cmas eveWM

Without Mimi and Poppy knowing, Will had asked for walkie talkies (he was going to ask for them next Christmas he said).  Imagine his excitement when he unwrapped walkie talkies!  The kids (and Mimi and Poppy) had a great time trying them out.  The perfect gift!

2013-12-24 cmas eve2WM

Poppy had a big surprise for us the kids. A Lionel train set in the basement. Complete with tunnels, mountains and a lake!  Just the perfect height for three little kids. Wyatt silently stared, wide-eyed.  Will grinned as he learned to control the train.  And Ella had fun parking the cars in the parking lot. What an awesome surprise for 3 little conductors!

2013-12-24 cmas eve3WM

2013-12-24 Cmas Eve (114) 2013-12-24 Cmas Eve (96)

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