Monday, November 11, 2013

uncharted waters


We threw caution to the wind and loaded up all 5 of us and hit the road. It was time for 20 piggies to get in the sand for the first time.  The littles have never been to the beach and we decided it was time for their feet to touch the white stuff.  That, and Mimi and Poppy were already going so we all tagged along.  (Thanks for including us!!!!) photo 1

I have no clue how long this will take to post…..I had 1,200 pics initially.  I have managed to delete at least half and I still have a long ways to go.  But I know you are not surprised that this trip was well documented by both of us!photo 4

We picked Mister W up from school a few hours early and hit the road!  The thought was we’d drive for a few hours, stop for dinner, and everyone would drift off to dream land.  NOPE.  Did not happen!

Ella was out before we ever made it to the freeway! And then stayed awake the rest of the trip!!!

2013-11-09 beach (1266)

2013-11-09 beach (1214)

Our 7 hour drive included several alot of pit stops, including a few on the side of the road. 2013-11-09 beach (1212)

Lots of tears, screaming and frustration.  From all 5 of us.  And zero movies (due to a lack of planning on our part).  So there’s the ugly.  And the fact that I had to ride wedged between two car seats for awhile…..But we arrived safely, with all three WIDE awake!  Wyatt never fell asleep once.  Eyes wide open till the very end (midnight)!

To be continued…..

2013-11-09 beach (944)

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