Friday, November 01, 2013

sugar high [check!]

With the forecast calling for rain showers this evening we hit the streets early in search of some loot.  WE might have started a bit too early since only 4-5 of the first 20 houses answered the door.  But no worries, we ended the night with some heavy pumpkins.  And some super tired kids.2013-10 Oct5
Wyatt crashed first.  Followed quickly by Ella.  Soon Wilson was the only one still going strong.  Such a sweet brother, happily brought back treats for his brother and sister.

I also have to brag on Mister Wilson, he was so sweet and at every door would wait for the littles to get to the door before ringing the bell.  Every.single.time.

2013-10-31 halloween (21)
We were only out about 90 minutes but the kids had just as much fun handing out candy once we got home.  They took their job very seriously!
2013-10-31 Halloween (37)2
Mister Wilson has made it clear he’s ready to move on to the next set of holidays….after he finishes his candy.

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