Tuesday, November 26, 2013

our beach adventure [part 4]

So there was burying in the sand.  Every one loved it!

SONY DSC                        SONY DSC

Wave jumping was a big favorite!  Wyatt required some assistance.


But the activity that the kids spent the most time on…..collecting shells.  We mostly had the beach to ourselves so the shells plentiful.  We found MANY shells that were unbroken.  A few conch shells.  Lots of starfish pieces (no finding whole ones though).

Wyatt, was happy to pick them up and thrown them right back. 

SONY DSC                        

“AH, a seashell.  Throw it back!”

SONY DSC                       2013-11-09 beach (399) 2013-11-09 beach (499)

Ella was only happy if she had the most shells.  She collected any and all shells.  She spent over an hour with Poppy collecting shells. And then it was Mimi’s turn.


Then she moved on to Daddy to collect some more shells.

SONY DSC                       I’m running out of stories….but still have pictures left.  I hopefully can finish this up with one more post.

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Kristi said...

Loved all of your beach adventures! There is just not much cuter than a bunch of kids enjoying themselves in the surf and sand.
Glad you guys got to go have fun on the coast!