Monday, November 25, 2013

our beach adventure [part 3]

Wyatt’s beach adventure was exactly as I imagined.  And my parents would probably say it was alot like my first beach adventure….minus some screaming.

He was timid.

SONY DSC                       SONY DSC                        
As expected, Wyatt was happy to watch everyone else enjoy the surf. And eager to check out whatever they collected from the sea.

beach blog-007

This picture pretty much sums up our trip.  Chris and Will exploring.  Ella eagerly watching, waiting on her turn.  And Wyatt, a safe distance behind watching.  With very little desire to be in the water.


But he wasn’t unhappy.  He was a happy little observer.

beach blog-010

One of Wyatt’s favorite things was being covered in sand. 

beach blog

And he loved all the digging and throwing sand. (No one else around for miles, so we let him throw sand.)
2013-11-09 beach (886)

He did let Poppy help him jump over a few waves.  But it took alot of coaxing on Poppy’s part.  Wyatt’s stubborn when it comes to fun.


His favorite thing to do, dig a canal from the sand to the ocean and send his boat sailing down the hill.  

 2013-11-09 beach (442)

Wyatt, my cautious, happy observer.  Might be kinda like his Momma.

2013-11-09 beach (1173)

He did have a great time though! And he surprised us all but being very comfortable in the pool.  Glad he seems to have crossed that hurdle finally.



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