Friday, November 22, 2013

our beach adventure [part 2]

beach blog-004

I knew Ella wouldn’t be timid at the beach.  She had been talking about the ocean more than anyone else.  She ran straight into the water when we got there and was thrilled with the waves crashing and the endless supply of sand and shells.Collages6

She quickly went to work collecting sand. Knowing how much she enjoys digging for worms at home I knew she’d be happy here.SONY DSC

beach blog-003

For 3 days she tirelessly went to the waters edge to collect water.  And every.single.time she turned around she was grinning from ear to ear.  She was perfectly content out there.

 beach blog-005

It wasn’t long before she let Chris show her how to ride the waves.  She thought it was great!  It was a bit too cold for much swimming but she didn’t seem to mind attempting it a few times.

Ella giggled, grinned, hopped, skipped and jumped on the beach for 3 days!

beach blog-008

If we were to have a “Most Likely to Move to the Beach” contest, Ella would win hands down!

beach blog-009  

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