Thursday, November 21, 2013

our beach adventure [part 1]

We had no agenda for this beach trip.  Just to get the Littles little piggies in the sand for the first time.  This is their first real trip anywhere!

Oddly, they had been asking for a few months to go to the beach.  I guess we had watched enough PBS shows this summer about the beach that they were itching to go.

We got in too late to see the beach that first night, but we did take a listen.  They were mostly unimpressed.

The next morning we got up and had breakfast, took a peak at the ocean from balcony and once again they were unimpressed.

Finally, we got dressed and headed out to the sand, despite the forecast for rain.

The trio kicked off their crocs and raced to the surf.  Ella and Wyatt were, finally, excited to put their toes in the sand and ocean.  Squeals by all! (Oddly, no one ever mentioned that the water was salty….)



Mister Wilson quickly got to work.  I’m not sure what his plan was, but he was collecting water like it was his mission.

 beach blog-006

Will also spent alot of time running.  Three days of running after sea gulls, running for fun, running to chase after Poppy or Daddy.  Or just running for no reason.

Running on sand….

 beach blog-001

Running in the water….

beach blog-002


Telling him to not get wet was impossible.  Even when fully dressed, he’d managed to be soaked from head to toe within an hour.  He was often the first kid back inside.  He’s not a fan of being cold.    (In case you are curious, the beach was pretty warm for November.  The weather was great when the sun was out.)SONY DSC


Will was also the happiest to play alone.  He would dig and dig and dig.  And draw in the sand.  He was just happy to be at the beach!  He was also the most exhausted at the end of the trip.

I guess I’m going to post each kids adventure separately. 

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