Saturday, November 30, 2013

motion picture {a Wyatt first}

It was time for Wyatt to experience his first movie.  We decided Black Friday was the day. Frozen was our choice.  I knew it was about snow, that was it.  I didn’t realize it was another princess movie, oops. 

We had a giant bag of popcorn for the five of us.  That got us through the previews.  Wyatt was good for the first half.  Then he requested to go to the bathroom.  Four different trips to the potty. He kept asking to go home too. No trains or other modes of transportation to keep his interest.  Ella was not a fan either.  She was bored and ready to go before Wyatt was.  Mister Wilson, however, said it was “the most awesome movie ever”.  So there.  (Chris and I thought it was really good!)

Wyatt did sing the theme song for a few hours afterwards.  So it wasn’t a bad experience.  Just not sure we’ll be taking the littles back any time soon.

2013-11-29 Wyatt movie (WM)

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