Monday, November 04, 2013

fall days

We had one of those perfect fall days last week.  Afraid it was going to be cold again soon, we made the best of it.  We ran a few errands with the promise of some fun afterwards.  Before the fun started we made a quick stop at the nursery.  There we spotted a gianormous pumpkin.  And chased a few butterflies.  Who knew it was going to be such a fun visit?!

2013-11-01 picnic

The fun began with a picnic at the park.  

2013-11-01 picnic2 2013-11-01 picnic3

Then we took a LONG walk.  My goal was that we soak up every second of the morning sun aka wear everyone OUT.  We talked about all the colors of the trees.  Collected sticks and rocks.  And looked for fish in the creek.

 2013-11-01 picnic6 2013-11-01 picnic5

And found some fun shaped rocks to sit on. 

 2013-11-01 picnic4

And the perfect ending to this fall day…Two kids that took a very long afternoon nap. 

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