Wednesday, November 13, 2013

a Poppy party


*Poppy’s birthday party
*Wed, Nov 13, 2013
*Dinner and {birthday} cinnamon rolls

Gift suggestions for Poppy:
Will - A wood-cutter thing. An ax. A tape measure.  We picked out a tape measure.

Wyatt - Red.  A rocking chair.  An oven.  A puzzle. A black corvette.  We settled on coloring a picture of a corvette.

Ella -A duck.  A puzzle.  A magnet.  We chose a car magnet. 

And because the kids could not wrap their brains around not making him a cake, we made him some cookies.  And Wyatt and Ella helped make Poppy a collage of beach pictures and seashells from our recent trip (and a gift card). 

Happy birthday to our favorite Mister Fix-It/Car Collector!  We love you!

 2013-11-13 Pops bday (WM)

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