Monday, October 28, 2013

Timber update

So glad to have stories of “the cat” back on the blog….was thinking we needed to change our blog title, haha.

Timber-cat is fitting in nicely here.  Ella asks no less than a 100 times a day what the cat’s name is.  Not sure if she can’t remember, or she’s trying to be cute.  If she doesn’t ask his name she calls him Willie or Kitty.

Wyatt calls him Temper or Kitty.

You know Mister Wilson calls him only by his proper name.

Gus and Timber are navigating their way to cohabitating. 

For the first week Timber stayed in his bed, in the basement, all day.  Until the kids brought him upstairs to love all over him.  Then he quickly disappeared downstairs again. 

This week he’s been coming up on his own to feel things out.  And he will stick around for a bit too.  He is the sweetest cat, and LOVES to be petted.  You can tell he was a family cat previously.  I just wonder what happened to his first family.

Surprisingly, Wyatt is a HUGE fan of Timber.  We were shocked.  He sweet talks him whenever he’s around…”how you kitty?”  “you so pretty” “you so sweet”. 

Ella could take or leave the cat.  She’s mostly concerned that he has claws since Willie-cat did not have claws. 

And Will gets the goofiest look on his face when Timber is around, he is smitten!  And he finally got his long awaited wish….tonight Timber curled up with him when he went to bed.  Will’s dream come true! 


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