Sunday, October 13, 2013


Any guess what these three are looking at?

2013-10-11 Timber (20)

Our family has grown by 4 feet!  We got a new fur-kid in the house.

2013-10-11 Timber (21)

Timber is a 5 year old kitty we got from the pound.  He is a super sweet guy that loves all the attention the trio is giving him.  He’s not so fond of Gus.  We’re working on it.

2013-10-11 Timber (15)

Mister Wilson is IN LOVE!  He’s disappointed that Timber’s not ready to curl up in his bed just yet.  Soon, we hope.

2013-10-11 Timber (9)

Oh, and the name…..Mister Wilson came up with it. His first choice was Willie.  We vetoed that.  So then he said Timber.  When we asked why Timber he said “you know, what the woodsmen yell when they cut trees”.  And then demonstrated “T-I-M-B-E-R!!!!!”   And it stuck.  Except Ella can’t remember his name.  And Wyatt says “Temper”. 

And in case you are wondering, yes we were drawn to him because he’s Willie’s twin.  So much so that all three kids yelled Willie when we brought him home.  We quickly clarified.  And as Wyatt says “our other cat in Kevin” (aka Heaven). 

2013-10 Oct1

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